Friday 03 May 2024

Convention Centre A

IO: Strongholds of Interventional Oncology

  • Chronological Development of Interventional Oncology in Asia-Pacific
    : Alex Tang Ah Lak
  • Current Selections of Imaging Guidance: How to Make the Most Out of Them
    : Yasuaki Arai
  • Hepatic Arteriography: Exploring Anatomical Details and Practice Insights
    : Kyu Bo Sung
  • Ultraselective TACE: Concept, Evidence, and Standardization
    : Shiro Miyayama
  • How We Can Achieve Better Survival Outcome and Tumor Response in Transarterial Therapies for HCC
    : Simon Chun Ho Yu


Gao-Jun Teng

Ji Hoon Shin


Alex Tang Ah Lak

Kyu Bo Sung

Shiro Miyayama

Simon Chun Ho Yu

Yasuaki Arai