Hao Xiang

Liverpool Hospital


  • Graduated from UNSW with MBBS Hons II (2011). 
  • Completed radiology training at Concord Hospital, Sydney Australia obtaining a FRANZCR in 2019. 
  • Completed an IR fellowship with the University of British Columbia (2019-2020). 
  • Completed EBIR (distinction) in 2023. 
  • Currently working in Sydney Australia at Liverpool Hospital, Concord Hospital and Spectrum Interventional Radiology.

Friday 03 May 2024
SP: State of the Art with Radial Approach in HCC
Topic: Role of radial access and transformative impact on TACE
Convention Centre B
Saturday 04 May 2024
LS: Radial to Anywhere: The New Frontier in Interventional Radiology
Topic: Radial access: A game change in prostate and uterine fibroid embolization
Convention Centre A