Varat Woranisarakul

Siriraj Hospital


Dr. Varat Woranisarakul is an academic urologist with expertise in prostate cancer and minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Affiliated with Siriraj Hospital, they are committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of urological conditions. He provides compassionate care to patients while actively contributing to research and education in the field. Their multidisciplinary approach distinguishes them as a leading figure in academic urology, shaping the future of prostate cancer management.

Friday 03 May 2024
LS: Early Stage RCC: Why Cryoablaton?
Topic: Focal Therapy for RCC: Urologist's Perspective
Lotus Suite 1-4
Saturday 04 May 2024
SP: Ablation Therapy for Localized Prostate Cancer
Topic: Focal Treatment for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer
Lotus Suite 5-7