Rohith Puthan Veettil Nair



My medical undergraduation was in India. Then I went to England, trained in surgery , completed MRCS and took up radiology at Leeds-West Yorkshire. After training in Clinical & Interventional Radiology, I worked as a Consultant in the NHS.I took a 3-month break and worked as a bartender in Barcelona mainly to learn Spanish and the art of Cocktail-making. That was the "reset" point of my life. After a total of 20 years in the UK, I relocated to India. I love cuisines and cocktails!!

Friday 03 May 2024
PAD: Aortic Intervention
Topic: Update in Acute Type B Aortic Dissection
Lotus Suite 5-7
Friday 03 May 2024
PAD: Practical Point in Peripheral Interventions
Convention Centre A