Friday 03 May 2024

E-Poster Area

Break / E-poster Presentation

10.30-10.36 Poster:P1[A133] A Comparison of Treatment Outcome of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Caudate Lobe, between Thermal Ablation and Transarterial Chemoembolization: A Retrospective Review., Dr. Sahutchadech Tangisarapap

10.42-10.46 Poster:P3[A013] CEUS versus Contrast-Enhanced CT in the Follow-up of Hepatic Abscess after Catheter Drainage., Assistant Professor Sung Eun Park

10.48-10.54 Poster:P4[A061] Efficacy of 50% Acetic Acid Sclerotherapy for Treatment of Simple Renal cysts - Comparison of 5-Minutes Dwell time Technique and 3-Minutes DwellTime Technique., Professor Se Hwan Kwon

10.54-11.00 Poster:P5[A178] In Vitro Evaluation of Embolization with Coil-in-Plug Technique by Flow Velocity using Phase-Contrast MRI., Mr. Teruhito Hayashi